Introduction to SEED VENTURE

Start-ups, Venture Capital and blockchain technology: risk capital tokenisation and business managing since incubation.
The SEED VENTURE platform

Innovation in the world of Venture Capital, especially in the first phase called “seed”, is a complex challenge: the meeting between the capital (angel investors and venture funds) and ideas (start-ups) today raises different problems to be faced: on the one hand the high mortality of the start-ups which translates into a very high risk for those investing, and, on the other, the scarce or unskilled supervision / support to the team (promoters) of development of the idea, which often generates defocusing and dispersion of energies. In short, a failure, or ineffective, convergence of the objectives of all the players in the supply chain, which limits the thrust and growth in this sector.

The SEED Venture platform, based on the combination of the use of Blockchain technology and the innovation of the supply chain, is proposed as a tool both for risk distribution and liquidity of capital, and for valorisation (and greater returns) for all those who will be able to demonstrate the achievement of results, each in their own role.

Presentation of the SEED VENTURE slide show at the Crypto Coinference event 2018, Milan