This is the native token used to finance founding contracts that will represent start-up pools for each individual incubator.


These are the tokens issued and distributed to those investors who will have financed the start-up pool(s) presented by the incubators


Decentralized internal exchange as value transfer tool; by means of the creation of individual trading pairs «incubator token vs SEED token»

Blockchain Contracts

Set of contracts that allow verifying the qualification of the investor, the creation and feeding of the pool, the transfer of the funds and their release in instalments. The contracts are ruled by the oracles of the incubators


The platform will also function as a front-end tool for the «praesidium» of start-ups, whose off-chain software will adopt innovative metrics of analysis, control and data acquisition (investments and growth of start-ups) during the early-stage phase

Web Platform iOS
Web Platform Win 32
Web Platform Win 64



  • Capital frozen for a period of at least 5 years
  • Statistically, 90% of startups fail to succeed

  • Inability to assess the chances of success of a startup

  • Reliance on investment rounds and cuts

  • Difficulties in managing company shares and agreements

SEED Solution

  • A secondary market for tokens:
    Making liquid what is illiquid today
  • Startup pools, support, competition:
    Reducing the risk
  • Selection made by an experienced entity:
    The incubator chooses the best startups on behalf of the investors
  • Investing how, when, and as much as one wants:
    The platform is permissionless, with restrictions set by the incubators

  • The tokenization:
    Quotas and agreements are managed by the incubator




  • Venture funds and angel investors represent a niche compared to the amount of money available in the traditional financial mark

  • The initial capital is complicated to obtain by startups, thus limiting the possibility for the incubator to successfully grow their own ecosystem

  • The mere provision of services (spaces, courses) has a low profitability
  • Difficulty in adopting coaching models that can be objectively evaluated and measured
  • Today, incubators are not able to access different forms of income

SEED Solution

  • Facilitating competition between incubators allows having access to enormous resources that are currently unavailable

  • It will be easier for startups to attract capital, especially in the seed and early-stage phases (but not only)

  • Supporting startups will be more profitable, and very high earnings will be obtained by leading startups to success (exit)

  • Each incubator is free to set up a pool whenever they want, and to adopt the support model they deem appropriate, provided it is transparent

  • There will be multiple sources of income



  • Difficulties in obtaining the first capital to start

  • Having the capital available when needed

  • Being pressured by those who are funding the project

  • Not having a real business partner that fills the managerial gap

SEED Solution

  • Greater attractiveness for obtaining first capital quickly

  • Immediate use of capital once provided by investors

  • No direct business relationship with investors

  • Rely on a business partner who has an incentive to lead the start-up to success


  • allows the financing of the best projects from the very beginning

  • keep the investment liquid

  • reduce the risk of investment on innovation

  • enhance free market

  • complies with the standards



SEED token airdrop has been completed.

contract: 0xC969e16e63fF31ad4BCAc3095C616644e6912d79
name: SEED
symbol: SEED
decimals: 18